Who we are and why we exist

Censea was born in October 2012, composed by three very diverse people who combine in a unique recipe and that makes possible a multidimensional approach to their clients: a financial auditor with experience of an financial audit multinational, a credit risk manager with experience in Commercial Banking and Investment Banking, both nationally and internationally, and a businessman in the productive sector.

What motivated us to set up Censea was the fact that we realized that it was possible to do a lot more in the market of accounting services and, essentially, in the field of business consultancy, based on a basic principle: "If there is added value for our customers, will reflect in added value for us, and all those who contact us."

The continued satisfaction of our clients is what inspires us and motivates us in the execution of our work.

What we do

We are a company dedicated to the services of accounting, consulting, management and advise in various sectors of activity. Our experience is transversal to the sectors of production and services, besides having a wide knowledge in the level of financial products.

How we do

This is our main point. Before we start a project, we try to understand its surroundings to see how much we can help. If we share the same ideals and make sense, we embrace the project as if it were "ours"! And what sets us apart from the rest is that we strive and dedicate ourselves more!

Who Supports Us

Over time we have been consolidating a network of partnerships, with multidisciplinary people and companies, some examples being:

• Firms of Chartered Accountants;

• Lawyers of various specialties;

• Fiscalists; and

• Consultants.

Need help with your Company?

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